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Your period - is this normal? Heavy flow


Your period is a big part of your life, even though you probably don't think about it much. It's just something that happens once a month and then vanishes into oblivion until next month's visit. For many, their period is routine and fairly predictable. However, if there are signs your menstrual cycle has changed—or that something might be going wrong with it—it's important to pay attention! This is the second post in the Your period - is this normal? series, which will help you figure out what changes in your period might mean when it comes to your health.

If your periods are getting heavier.

If your periods are heavier, it could be a sign of endometriosis, uterine fibroids or polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS).

Endometriosis: This is when the tissue that lines the uterus grows outside it. It can cause scarring on other organs and tissues in the pelvis — including on your bladder and bowels — which means more severe pain with your period. It also causes heavy bleeding during and between periods because there's more tissue to shed each month.

Uterine Fibroids: These noncancerous tumours form inside the uterus. They can grow up to 17 centimetres (7 inches) long! If they press against nearby organs like blood vessels or nearby organs such as ovaries, they can cause serious pain during sex or with other movements as well as heavy bleeding during and between periods.

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS): PCOS is an endocrine disorder that affects women of reproductive age by causing small cysts on their ovaries along with abnormal menstrual bleeding patterns such as having fewer than nine cycles per year or irregular periods lasting longer than seven days at a time

If you need to change your tampon or pad more frequently than you think is normal.

If you need to change your tampon or pad more frequently than you think is normal, it might be a sign that the amount of blood loss has increased.

You may also notice that when you do change your pad or tampon, it's soaked in blood. This could mean that there’s been an increase in blood flow to the vagina and uterus due to hormones released during menstruation. This can happen before and/or during ovulation (when an egg is released from one of your ovaries) as well as during pregnancy.

If you feel like this is happening, talk with someone about what's going on so they can help figure out why this is happening with your menstrual cycle!

We hope this article has given you a better understanding of what your period means when it comes to your health. Remember that just because something isn't normal for you doesn't mean it's abnormal—you may just be experiencing some normal variations in your cycle. If you're still concerned, consult with a doctor who can help diagnose any potential problems based on the details of your symptoms, including how often they occur and what they look like.

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  1. Do Periods has to be painful. I mean it normal for ur Periods to pain u.


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